All Good Things

It has been said that all good things must come to an end.

I like to think that A Little Farm has been a good thing. Our girls have laid tens of thousands of delicious, nutritious eggs while helping clean up our forest floor. We’ve discovered that home grown, pastured meat birds are incredibly tasty. Our jams and jellies have smothered toast, goat cheese, and pork roasts, to the delight of many.

But no matter how good the food, how numerous the customers, and how beneficial the land-healing partners, it’s time to say goodbye.


This summer, my husband received a diagnosis that no one wants to hear. Cancer. And though he is responding well to treatment, we have a long road ahead (6 months at minimum). Since he is unable to work, I’m needing to shift my focus to breadwinning while continuing to manage his care and compounding medical needs.

We’ve received wonderful support from our friends, family, and customers. Thanks for the gifts, prayers, and for your patience when you can never be exactly sure who’s going to be delivering from week to week! We are forever grateful for your kindness and generosity.

Current Customers

We’ll be reaching out to all our regular egg customers, plus everyone who put down a deposit on chickens and turkeys this year.

We sustained about a 30% loss in our first batch of meat birds and we never were able to start our second. Some turkeys may still be available, but we cannot process them ourselves. Information to come.

If we cannot deliver, refunds will be issued with our apologies.


While I’d like to say we’ll be back in the Spring, I’m learning that it’s rather foolish to make long-term plans, particularly when cancer is writing the script. We’ll take each day and season as they come with no promises for the future.

I’ll be selling off the last of the preserves while supplies last. If you’re interested in some of those, contact me and I’ll send you an updated inventory.

Thanks for supporting our local farm. Now, go find another farmer and keep the goodness going.

–Amy Harder