A Little Farm finally has a home!

On Friday, July 28, 2017, the dream became a reality.

A Little Farm actually started several years ago with a simple compost bin from Sam’s Club. Compost led to chickens; chickens led to gardening; gardening spurred the desire to join the local CSA; the CSA offered working shares; working at the CSA introduced goats; goat milk makes yummy things; yummy, wholesome food brought health and a desire to bring wholesome, yummy food to our friends and neighbors. And A Little Farm was born.

Next year, we hope to offer pastured eggs and chicken. We’ll also experiment with Salatin-style forest-raised pork and pastured rabbit. We’re looking at our 40 mostly-forested acres with permaculture principles in mind as we intend to do our best to steward this land that we have been given.

The first chicken enclosure at A Little Farm

In the meantime, we have a cabin to renovate (more details soon to come), winter prep to complete (for critters and us), and keep up with regular jobs, homeschool, and life. It’s sure to be an adventure. But for now, the wild raspberries are ready!

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