A 6-step exercise in minimalism

So our new cabin is half the size of our former home in the suburbs.

HALF the size. And NO basement.

For this family (genetically predisposed to collecting), living in a small house will be a challenge.

To be honest, we still have a bunch of stuff in our storage unit. After all, we ARE planning on building a bigger cabin. So I do expect to have space again someday. But in the meantime, here we are, a family of four, living in a small house, with a TINY kitchen. How do I do it? Continue reading “A 6-step exercise in minimalism”

What’s up with radon?

It’s the nasty thing that home inspectors around here just expect to find. And judging by the number of mitigation companies I found with a quick Google search, I was guessing that it truly is a thing. But really, what’s the big deal? This is our fourth home purchase in our 18 years of marriage, and we’ve not once had to contend with high levels of radon. Sounds a bit scammy, right?

Until you start looking into what radon is and what it can do. Continue reading “What’s up with radon?”

REAL food

It seems like forever since I’ve been able to make real food for my family!

I’m talking REAL food. Start-from-scratch, fresh veg, homemade broth from the freezer, simmers for hours, warms to you your toes. Real food.

Our kitchen back in the suburbs was packed up almost entirely about 10 days before our move. Sure, we left a few items out–a small skillet, saucepan, paper plates, silverware. We could get by, right? Continue reading “REAL food”

A Little Farm finally has a home!

On Friday, July 28, 2017, the dream became a reality.

A Little Farm actually started several years ago with a simple compost bin from Sam’s Club. Compost led to chickens; chickens led to gardening; gardening spurred the desire to join the local CSA; the CSA offered working shares; working at the CSA introduced goats; goat milk makes yummy things; yummy, wholesome food brought health and a desire to bring wholesome, yummy food to our friends and neighbors. And A Little Farm was born. Continue reading “A Little Farm finally has a home!”