Cast iron cornbread

Cast iron.

It’s the stuff of old, shrouded in mystique, out of the grasp of technologically-minded suburbanites like me, right? <<insert gameshow buzzer here>>

Oh man! Why did it take me this long to play with cast iron?!?

Tonight, I left the comfort of my bland, square glass baking pan, and embarked on a journey to richness of flavor, satisfyingly crispy crusts, and undeniable beauty that will call me to return again and again.

With Cast Iron Cornbread.

Exploring through the safety of the Food Network, I selected a highly-rated recipe courtesy of Alex Guarnaschelli, and I was not disappointed.

My only adaptation was due to the fact that I did not have buttermilk on hand. (Seriously, who just HAS buttermilk around? OK, we will when we add that dairy cow, but come on!)

No buttermilk? No problem. Just fill your 1 cup measure almost to the top with regular milk, then add a couple tablespoons of plain white vinegar. Give it about 5 minutes to ripen, then add the now gloppy milk mixture as buttermilk.


Check out the recipe for yourself and let me know how it goes!

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