Dust, Paint, and PPE

Personal Protective Equipment.

It’s not pretty. It’s not glamorous. And it’s far from flattering.

But PPE just might keep all your important parts intact and working properly.

So I’ve been working on Gertie, our horsetrailer we’re turning into a mobile chicken coop. She’s a well-worn, two-horse beauty from 1968. And she’ll make a fabulous coop-on-wheels! But first there’s a bit of prep work to do.

The biggest task is stripping off all the old paint and rust. And there’s a LOT of it!

It’s kinda fun to see the white paint stripped back to a lovely 60’s turquoise, but all those power tools are kicking up quite a bit of mess in the process. Enter PPE.

I must look like a giant dork wearing all this stuff, but I’m a dork who is not going to have long-term hearing loss from power tool usage in a big, steel box, or eye damage from a flying shard of decades-old rusty paint, or lung disease from inhaling tiny bits of who-knows-what (filth/mold/lead/ew).

My mommy would be so proud.

What’s your thought on protective gear? Worth it or not so much?

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    1. Ew. I haven’t tried that. But I quickly regretted having those chips with salsa when I went in for a short break. Mmmm… recycled garlic breath…

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