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A Little Farm is a pasture-based farm located in beautiful Sedalia, Colorado. Our property sits at roughly 7000 ft elevation in the foothills southwest of Denver. Pike National Forest, the South Platte River, and the Rampart Range/Devil’s Head recreational areas are some of our neighbors.

Pasture-Based Farm

We are a small family farm that specializes in clean food and holistic practices. Pastured egg operations began in 2018. Our flock includes both hybrid and heritage breed chickens. Eggs are available year-round. Customers can pick up their orders on-farm or at our drop locations in SW Littleton, Highlands Ranch, and Castle Rock.

Our pasture-based operations began in 2019. We raise chickens and turkeys seasonally on pasture in low tractors that move daily. The tractors provide shade from the hot summer sun, shelter from the elements, and protection from predators. The daily moves allow the birds access to new forage while working away from yesterday’s droppings, providing a healthy environment for the birds and allowing the pasture to rest.

The animals, produce, and compost operations are protected from predators by our amazing livestock guardian dogs, Ranger and Bryleigh. These Colorado Mountain Dogs are incredible workers and we’re constantly amazed at their ability to protect.

As we heal the land we also hope to begin growing fruits, vegetables, and herbs. We know this is a challenge when we’re growing on a pile of decomposing granite. But we have already begun to develop a living soil base. Limited produce will be offered as it becomes available.

Farming in the Foothills

Our farm doesn’t look like most. We utilize silvopastures to protect and feed our animals. The animals then, help us with fire mitigation as they work through the brush at our forest floor. Even in our first year, we have seen an increase in organic matter in our pastures. This additional carbon will continue to heal our soils by maintaining moisture, increasing microbial life, reducing sedimentary runoff, and encouraging biodiversity.

Each year we expect to see improvement to our land as we manage grazing, timber, and water retention. By supporting our farm, you’re supporting the regeneration of the land! Thanks!

Contact Us

13250 Pine Creek Road
Sedalia, CO 80135

Please call ahead to schedule a visit.

303-653-3053 or contact amy (at) alittlefarm (dot) com

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