Pastured eggs: Cutting through the confusion

[Pastured Eggs from A Little Farm]

Confusion everywhere!

What ARE pastured eggs? There is so much confusion when it comes to purchasing eggs in the United States. Should we buy free range, cage free, natural, vegetarian-fed, hormone free, antibiotic free, or organic? Or are those just clever labels to garner a few more pennies at the check-out?

The confusion comes from the fact that most of these terms have very little regulated meaning. Sigh. Continue reading “Pastured eggs: Cutting through the confusion”

Gertie, the horse trailer who wanted to be a chicken coop

I don’t know why she’s “Gertie”. It just felt right.

Anyway, here is our new old 2-horse trailer. She’s a beautifully worn 1968 model with an unusual center front door over the tongue.

Why did we buy a horse trailer if we have no horses?

This little beauty will be transformed into our first mobile chicken coop. We’ll open up the inside, hang some nest boxes on the sides, install roost bars, vents, and an automatic door, and we should have a great little coop-on-wheels that we can move around the property. Continue reading “Gertie, the horse trailer who wanted to be a chicken coop”