Jams, Jellies, and Butters, Oh My!

A Little Farm is now selling fruit preserves including Crabapple Jelly & Butter, Chokecherry Jelly, Nectarine Brown Sugar Jam, Nectarine Sage Jam, Apple Butter, Zucchini Relish, and more.

All recipes are made in small batches in our farm kitchen with mostly organic and local produce. Small batches ensure the best flavor, but when we’re sold out, we’re out! So if you see something you like, nab it while you can!

At this time, we do not ship products. Please plan to stop by the farm or arrange to pick up your purchases at a drop location in Highlands Ranch, SW Littleton, or Castle Rock.

Drop over to our Store to see all the offerings!

Garden prep

When it comes to Springtime garden prep, I’m much like a kid at Christmas. I’m so excited to get going, wondering what surprises this year will bring and whether we’ll have a bounty. With eager anticipation, I’m fast-forwarding to that first tomato, juice dripping down my chin as I sneak a bite while I’m still in the garden.

There’s no guarantee with gardening, but I’ve gotta try. Continue reading “Garden prep”

7 Things I wish I knew before moving to the country

Eight years.

I spent eight years reading books and articles, watching videos, trying things, and talking with people who were already doing what I wanted to do. You’d think that I would have foreseen some of these.

But no.

Here’s my list (ever-growing) of things I wish I had been told before we made our move to our rural homestead: Continue reading “7 Things I wish I knew before moving to the country”

Greenhouse project



Tall tunnel.

Call it what you will, it’s soon to be completed and will act as winter housing for critters, then growing space for tender plants.

We chose to build a tall tunnel by bending our own hoops with a handy device from Johnny’s Selected Seeds. I’ve done the PVC greenhouse thing, but since this structure needs to protect our first commercial layer flock and survive the wind and snow that’s inevitable at 7000′, I wanted to go with something a little more durable. And secured to the ground. And not break the bank. Continue reading “Greenhouse project”

What’s up with radon?

It’s the nasty thing that home inspectors around here just expect to find. And judging by the number of mitigation companies I found with a quick Google search, I was guessing that it truly is a thing. But really, what’s the big deal? This is our fourth home purchase in our 18 years of marriage, and we’ve not once had to contend with high levels of radon. Sounds a bit scammy, right?

Until you start looking into what radon is and what it can do. Continue reading “What’s up with radon?”

A Little Farm finally has a home!

On Friday, July 28, 2017, the dream became a reality.

A Little Farm actually started several years ago with a simple compost bin from Sam’s Club. Compost led to chickens; chickens led to gardening; gardening spurred the desire to join the local CSA; the CSA offered working shares; working at the CSA introduced goats; goat milk makes yummy things; yummy, wholesome food brought health and a desire to bring wholesome, yummy food to our friends and neighbors. And A Little Farm was born. Continue reading “A Little Farm finally has a home!”