What are “Pastured Eggs”? While there’s no national standard for this term, for us it means that our chickens spend their days in a pasture with sunlight, fresh air, and plenty of bugs/worms/plants. The girls have 24-hour access to our mobile coop for shade, for protection from inclement weather, for sleeping, and for laying eggs.

Are your eggs organic? Nope. The organic certification costs too much to be profitable for a small farm like ours. However, we meet or exceed organic standards with our pastures, supplemental feed, and health practices. Come see for yourself.

Where do I get my eggs? We are working on some drop-off points in SW Littleton, Highlands Ranch, and Castle Rock. Watch for more details soon. Or you may arrange a time to pick up your eggs at the farm which is located in Sedalia, 14 miles SW of Hwys 85 & 67.

How does your egg subscription work? Sign up and pay online and you’ll receive one dozen fresh eggs each week for 4 weeks. You can come to the farm to get your eggs or meet us at one of our drop-off points.

Do I have to resubscribe each month? Nope. Your subscription continues until we hear from you otherwise. After your fourth egg pick-up, we’ll charge your card for another four weeks and you’ll be good to go!

I’m going on vacation, can I pause my subscription? Yes! Just let us know and we’ll bump your subscription out for as long as you need.

How do I cancel my subscription? Log in to your account and manage your subscription there.

Pastured Meats

What meat do you have available? For 2020, we will offer chicken and turkeys raised on pasture and processed on the farm. Birds are sold whole and fresh (within a week of processing) or frozen (after that first week). Limited quantities are available.

What do pastured birds eat? All our flocks have access to supplemental organic feed and minerals in addition to the grass, flowers, weeds, and bugs in the pasture.


For 2020 — We’re just getting the garden started. During the growing season, each week’s offerings will be listed on our site by Thursday evening and will be available while supplies last. Orders can be picked up on the farm or at our drop-off locations.